GDPR: What it means for insurers

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The Speakers

Ian De Freitas

Partner at Farrer & Co.



Nick Harness


Andrew Oldham

Insurance Consultant, Kofax

Steve Smith


In this event, we bring together a legal expert, technology consultants and risk analysts to help to take action and get ready for GDPR.  Join us for breakfast and deep dive into what the GDPR directive means for you. 

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Why Attend?

The countdown to GDPR compliance has begun. Let's take this opportunity to discuss where you are, what areas of security, data/information management are vulnerable and need tending and what should be your immediate actions. Here's why you should attend:



Please find a detailed agenda of the event here.

This event is a "not-to-miss" for anyone who is responsible for manging customer records, internal data, data security and compliance.


"GDPR is causing organisations to fundamentally re-evaluate their business models around the use of personal data. Critical to this is an re-assessment of what is held and its value to the business.”       


"Given that 65% of data breaches and ransomware are the result of human error, we will give a prize of free baseline phishing tests across the winning organisations employee base”       




"Whilst undoubtably technology may have to be procured to secure and demonstrate compliance, if embraced correctly business agility, process efficiency advantages will accompany"


"An impact assesment brings to light where the risks are, enabling you to record the risks, identify their severity and come up with a resolution."


Join the discussion over breakfast on Thursday, 29th June, 08.30 am